SOLD for $22,550

1908 Clyde Silent Light

  • Auction Estimate
    $30,000 -$40,000
  • Sale Type
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
    Silent Light
  • Style
  • VIN #
  • Mileage
  • Exterior Color
    Green / Black
  • Interior Color
  • Cylinders
  • Engine Size
  • Transmission
    3 Speed Sliding Gear Rear Transaxle

Lot #108

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This 1908 Clyde Silent Light roadster is an extremely rare and unique automobile. The Clyde was manufactured by the G.H Wait Co. of Leicester, England. The company made cars and motorcycles from 1901 to 1931, yet only 260 examples were produced. This is one of only two known to remain, and is the only one in the U.S. The engine is a White and Poppe mounted transversely: a vertical twin that provides 8 hp through a silent block chain to the rear-mounted transaxle. All ancillary systems are likewise chain-driven.

Consignment Ratings*

  • Engine
    Very Good
  • Body
    Very Good
  • Chassis/Frame
    Very Good
  • Tires
    Very Good
  • Coachwork/Interior
    Very Good
  • Electrical
    Very Good
  • Transmission
    Very Good
  • Paint
    Very Good
  • Overall Condition
    Very Good
*The following ratings were provided by the consignor, based on a scale of 'Poor', 'Fair', 'Good', 'Very Good' or 'Excellent'. (Excellent = 100% restored)