1958 Porsche 356A Super Sunroof

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  • Make
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    356A Super
  • Style
  • VIN #
  • Mileage
    116,000 TMU
  • Exterior Color
  • Interior Color
  • Cylinders
  • Engine Size
    1700cc / Stroked
  • Transmission


This 1958 Porsche 356A Super is a wonderful example of a very desirable Porsche body style that comes with a significant pedigree. A true California car, this 356 was the daily driver of the famous West Coast Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Porsche mechanic and engine builder Richie Lukes. Lukes himself performed all of the design, mechanical setup and maintenance on this car; after his passing, it was purchased from his estate by the current owner. Sale documents from the estate as well as Richie Lukes’ personalized California plate are included with the vehicle.

During the late 1950s and into the 1960s, Richie Lukes was considered by many to be one of the leading Porsche mechanics in California, particularity in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Porches prepared by Lukes for SCCA competition were considered to be the dominant choice. For the remainder of his life, Lukes continued to work on and was considered to be a national authority on vintage Porsches. This experience and love was built into this, his personal car.

When driving this 356, one certainly gets the feel that it was prepared by a special person. During the vehicle’s restoration, its 1600 cc Super engine was upgraded with a modified cam and stroked to more than 1700 cc. The electrical system was converted to 12 volts and an electronic ignition. Fuel is delivered through Webber carburetors. Lukes also removed much of the exterior chrome when he prepared the car for himself, giving it a clean, sleek look. The steering wheel is a wooden custom by Nardi. This car is a beautiful classic Porsche with powerful performance.

Since 1995, when it was purchased from Mr. Lukes’ estate, the current owner—a lifelong collector of fine automobiles—has loved and cared for this Porsche in a proper fashion. It has always been serviced and maintained by a well-respected Porsche specialist who, in 2000, repainted the car and did a proper repair of the bottoms of the doors. Full work, repair, and maintenance receipts from the current owner are available. Also included is an original owners manual.

This Porsche 356A Super with a factory moon roof is true example of Porsche automotive heritage in the United States and would be a welcome addition to any serious Porsche enthusiast’s collection. Sold with a registration and title.

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