1966 Shelby GT350 Carryover

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    $200,000 - $350,000
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  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
    GT350 "Carry Over"
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  • VIN #
  • Mileage
  • Exterior Color
    Wimbledon White / Blue
  • Interior Color
  • Cylinders
  • Engine Size
    289 ci
  • Transmission

Lot #104


This two-owner 1966 Shelby GT350, #SFM6S144, is one of 252 carryover GT350s produced by Shelby currently has fewer than 16,500 original documented miles. Impeccably cared for its entire life, 6S144 still remains as the original owner had the car set up in the late 1960s. In the hands of its current owner since 1972, #SFM6S144 has remained largely out of the public eye until recently. The combination of complete original historical documentation , registry information and a notarized statement from the original owner is extremely rare, making this GT350 one of the most-documented original Shelby GT350’s known to exist. In early 2019, this vehicle was featured in Hemmings Daily Blog.

After being released from the service in 1965, John Majocha went into Mutual Ford in Springfield, Mass., and ordered his dream car, a Shelby GT350. Known as a “carryover” car, #SFM6S144 was one of 252 Mustangs from 1965 modified by Shelby to allow for new models to be in the showrooms for early 1966. This carryover GT350 retains all of its original 1965 components, such as the original 1965 Hi-Po 289ci engine, lowered A-arms, Koni shock absorbers and override traction bars, while the interior dash, rear seat and side windows are all part of the 1966 upgrades to what is essentially a 1965 GT350 underneath.

SFM6S144 has been fully documented and confirmed to be a true numbers-matching, original vehicle with correct corresponding 1965 Ford serial number. Howard Pardee of the GT350 Registry has verified this information. Under the hood, the original Hi-Po 289ci engine runs extremely well. The original owner, a certified Ford dealer mechanic, upgraded the engine after purchase using authentic parts obtained through Shelby. Modifications included the installation of the high performance Valley racing heads, 11:1 pop-up pistons, and Deves rings. Other modification made at the time included the installation of Stewart Warner gauges, a Stewart Warner high-volume fuel pump, a Hurst shifter and rear sway bar. The rear spoiler was an original accessory manufactured by Barry Plastiglass and sold through Shelby, and the Boss Magnum-style wheels were added for a flashier look. All parts were purchased through an authorized Shelby dealer, and the original receipts with part numbers are included with the documentation. The Shelby as is sits today is exactly as the original owner had it.

The original interior of this GT350 has been maintained in excellent condition and is perhaps one the best-kept original interiors seen in a GT350 today, showing little wear or age. On the exterior, the paint has been mostly repainted over the years but not completely at anyone time. The chassis is original and untouched, and the body is in excellent condition.

Along with the full complement of documents provided by the GT350 registry, this Shelby includes a complete collection of original documentation, including the original Shelby-to-dealer invoice, official bill of sale, the hand-written bill of sale, payment receipt, loan paperwork, the original GT350 manual and the 1966 Mustang manual with “VOID” written on all warranty pages by the dealer. Also included is the original dealer-created metal service department plate. Sold with a title and registration.

A full Hemmings article on this GT350 can be found here.

A video on this Shelby can be found here.

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