1900 Brewster Bronson wagon

The popularity of the "original" Bronson Wagon encouraged the Brewster Co. to prevail upon Frederick Bronson to allow the company to reproduce the wagon designed by him around 1898.

1900ca Hansom cab

Patented in 1834 by the English architect Joseph Hansom, this type of vehicle quickly gained acceptance as a public cab. Hansom's original was redesigned a number of times.

1910 Six passenger Surry

Named for the English County, the surrey came into existence in 1870 and quickly became a very popular family and hack carriage. It was introduced into the United States by J.B. Brewster & Co. in 1872.

1913 Etrich Taube Aeroplane (Representation)

The Taube’s wing design is based on the zanonia tree seed pod, which drifts through the air for great distances.