1910 Knox Marine Engine

Knox engines were manufactured by the Camden Anchor-Rockland Machine Co. in Camden, Maine, in their foundry located where Megunticook Stream enters the harbor.

1912 Capital Marine Engine

Capital engines were manufactured in Augusta, Maine, by the Fifield brothers.

1915 Smith Motor Wheel

Some of the earliest motorcycles were made by fitting gasoline engines to modified bicycles.

1916 Lawrance

The A-3 was Charles R. Lawrance's first aircraft engine. Intended for use in the Shinnecock lightplane, this 28-hp engine was used in the Breese Penguin, a non-flying pre-flight World War I trainer.

1917 Clerget

Originally developed for use in a motorcycle by French inventor Felix Millet, the rotary engine was used sporadically for years until it was resurrected by brothers Louis and Laurent Seguin.

1917 Gnome

The Gnome, the first successful rotary aero engine, was invented by Laurent and Giles Seguin in 1907-08.

1917 Hall-Scott

Before WWI Hall-Scott of San Francisco and Curtiss of New York were the leading US producers of water-cooled engines.

1917 Liberty

The Liberty was designed to suit American mass production rather than the slow handwork used in Europe.