1925 Ford Beach Wagon

Few visits to Maine are complete without a trip to the beach, and what better vehicle to do so in than this Model T Beach Wagon. This was a custom vehicle in the grand sense.

1925 Ford Track Inspection Car

This Model T was converted into a crew car for the two-foot gauge Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad at the Phillips, Maine, Car Barn.

1926 Ford Snowmobile

This early type of snowmobile is a far cry from the machines of the 1990s. But if in the 1920s you had to get about in snow country, this conversion of the versatile Model T Ford was a good choice.

1926 Pierce-Arrow Series 80

In 1901 George N. Pierce, maker of bicycles, bird cages and bathtubs, built the first Pierce motor vehicle--the Motorette--powered by a single-cylinder De Dion-Bouton engine.