1920 Ford T Marine Conversion

As soon as gasoline engines suitable for marine use were available, conversion of automotive engines became popular.

1922 Anzani

Alessandro Anzani gained fame in 1909 when one of his engines powered Louis Bleriot's historic flight across the English Channel. The engine tended to overheat, but Bleriot flew into a rain shower and the engine got cooled off.

1926 Ford T Ice Saw

This modification of a Model T Ford chassis and engine again illustrates the adaptability of the Model T.

1935 Chevrolet Cutaway

This cutaway shows the inner workings of the six-cylinder engine that was, with changes in displacement, lubrication and cooling, the mainstay of Chevrolet from 1929 into the 1960s.

1940 Wright Cyclone

The Cyclone series of engines began with the P-1 of 1652 cu. in. displacement in 1923-24. By 1932 the Series F Cyclone 9 produced 575 hp from 1820 cu. in.

1946 Pratt & Whitney Wasp Major

This 28-cylinder engine, nicknamed corncob, was the largest production piston engine ever built. At first producing 3000 hp, it was improved to 3500 hp.