1933 American Austin Roadster

"Do you get into that car, or do you put it on?" This epitomized the public opinion of the American Austin from the outset.

1933 Packard 10th Series Convertible Sedan

James Packard's entry into the automotive world was due to dissatisfaction. In 1898 Packard purchased a Winton automobile, a car that proved to be less than Packard desired.

1933 WACO UBF-2 Biplane (Restoration)

With its exposed radial engine and open cockpits, the WACO (Weaver Airplane Company) UBF-2 is a great example of a Golden Age Biplane both in looks and charming flying characteristics.

1935 Chevrolet Cutaway

This cutaway shows the inner workings of the six-cylinder engine that was, with changes in displacement, lubrication and cooling, the mainstay of Chevrolet from 1929 into the 1960s.

1935 Ingo-Bike

First called the Exercycle, the Ingo-Bike was invented by the Huyssen brothers and manufactured by the Ingersoll-Rand Corporation from 1934 to 1937.

1938 Eliot Cricket III

Samuel Eliot, ASAE, was an automotive experimenter and visionary.

1938 Indian Junior Scout

At 358 pounds‚ some 90 to 160 pounds lighter than other Indian Motocycles of its era‚ the Junior Scout was especially popular with women riders.

1939 Packard Town Car

This custom-bodied Packard is a fine example of the American coach builder's art. The body by Brunn was mounted on two earlier chassis.

1940 Ford Station Wagon

Introduced on March 31,1932, the V-8 Ford had become a full-blown success by 1940 when this wooden-bodied Station Wagon was built.