1900 ca. Orient Ladies’ Bicycle

With its dropped top tube frame and equal-sized wheels, this ladies' model built by the Waltham Manufacturing Company of Waltham, MA is a typical example of bicycles of the day.

1915 ca. Half-Scale Model Bicycle

This half-size bicycle was built by Fred Marriot in his spare time. Using his kitchen as a workshop, Marriot handcrafted every part with painstaking attention to detail.

1930 ca. Colson “Fauntleroy” Tricycle Wheelchair, Model JK-109

Initially introduced prior to safety bicycles, the adult tricycle offered not only freedom of movement and independence to the individual, but also dignity and safety for those not inclined to ride the high wheelers.

1935 Ingo-Bike

First called the Exercycle, the Ingo-Bike was invented by the Huyssen brothers and manufactured by the Ingersoll-Rand Corporation from 1934 to 1937.