1868 Roper Steam Velocipede

The earliest version of a two-wheeled human-powered vehicle was the draisine of 1817. Lacking pedals, this predecessor of the bicycle was powered by the rider pushing along the ground with their feet.

1901 Steffey Motor Bike

Dating back to the dawn of motorcycles, this beautifully restored 1901 Steffey Motorbike is a fine example of the integration of two technologies.

1909 Pierce

Pierce motorcycles were not made to compete in price but to surpass in quality. It was a deluxe motorcycle for discriminating riders.

1913 Excelsior Model 7 C

It is no surprise that the name Excelsior produces so much confusion among motorcycle enthusiasts, with no fewer than three manufacturers using the name (British, German and American).

1919 ABC/Sopwith Motorcycle

With a name like Sopwith, there can be little doubt that this motorcycle has some connection to early aviation.

1919 Harley-Davidson Model J

While early Harley-Davidson V-twins were plagued with many problems, this V-twin represents a very successful basic design produced from 1912 to 1929.

1922 Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield boasts one of the longest histories in the motorcycle industry.

1925 Harley-Davidson Model JD

Beginning in 1925, Harley-Davidson introduced a newly designed frame for its v-twin line of motorcycles.

1931 Henderson Four

The Henderson Four, designed by William G. Henderson in 1911-12, was the third American in-line four. It had a 19-year life, ending in 1931 with this model.