Léon Bollée (1870-1913) was the first person in France to build small gasoline powered vehicles, beginning in 1895.

This voiturette, as he called it, was introduced in the 1896 Paris-Marseille-Paris race. With three speeds of 6,12 and 18 mph, it was one of the fastest of its type. In 1897 modified versions won the Paris-Dieppe race at 24 mph and the Paris-Trouville race at 28 mph. Bollée was also a computer pioneer who designed several early calculating machines.

Specifications: Tandem two-seat tri-car; engine four-cycle, single-cylinder, air-cooled, with hot tube ignition; bore 76 mm., stroke 145 mm., displacement 650 cc., 2.5 hp.

Accession no. 1984G54

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