Ransom Eli Olds, who gave his name to Oldsmobile, produced the light and dependable Curved Dash model in 1901. It was the first mass-produced motor vehicle in history.

In 1903 one was driven from San Francisco to New York, Boston, and Portland, Maine by Lester Whitman and Eugene Hammond. The leg of the trip from California to Boston took 74 days!

Specifications: Model R, two-passenger runabout; engine: 4-cycle, 4-1/2 hp, single cylinder, water-cooled, spark ignition; bore: 4-inch, stroke: 6-inch, displacement: 95 cubic inches; fuel: gasoline; starter: hand crank; tiller steering power transmitted by sprocket and chain.

Price new, $650.

Accession no. 1984G65

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