Better known as the Stanley Semi-Racer, this vehicle is the most valuable pre-1910 Stanley. In 1906, the “Coffin” nose Stanley was introduced, and this design, seen here, was prominent through 1914.

Better known as the Stanley Semi-Racer, the Model K is considered by many to be one of the world’s first supercars. It represents a street version of the 1906 World Speed Record Holder built by the Stanley twins, Freelan and Francis. On January 26, 1906, racer Fred Marriott drove the Stanley Rocket to a speed of 127.66 miles per hour, covering a measured mile in just over 28 seconds. The following year, the Stanley twins introduced the Model K, featuring a 26 inch boiler driving the 30 horsepower, two-cylinder steam engine.

The Stanley seen here was one of the first automobiles to join the Owls Head Transportation Museum’s collection. It was donated by Thomas Watson, Jr., one of the Museum’s founders, in 1974. After years of demonstrations, the vehicle sat dormant for a period of time. It has since been restored to operating condition by Bourdon Boiler Works in Woodstock, Vermont.

Specifications: Model K Semi-Racer. 2-cylinder, 30 horsepower steam engine. Price new: $ 1,800. Wheelbase: 108 inches.

Restoration sponsored by The 1772 Foundation.

Accession no. 1975G005

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