Leon Levavasseur, artist and engineer, built the first Antoinette in 1903. It did not fly. The first classic Antoinette was the IV of 1908.

Possibly the most famous Antoinette was the VII that Hubert Latham used for his second attempt to cross the English Channel in April 1909. That August, Latham flew the VII at Reims, France, in the first true international public flying competition, winning the altitude prize. He spent much of the next two years thrilling crowds across Europe and the United States with his daring aerial displays, pushing various Antoinettes to their limits.

Specifications: Span 39 ft., length 39 ft., gross weight 1500 lbs., engine 50 hp Continental air-cooled flat four (in representation); 85 hp Antoinette water-cooled V-8 (in original).

Currently on display at the Portland Jetport, 1001 Westbrook St, Portland, ME 04102

Accession no. 1996P01

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