"The best car in the world." That is how one British journalist described the Rolls-Royce 40/50 upon hearing of the Herculean accomplishment of chassis number 13 of the new Rolls-Royce model in 1907.

That Silver Ghost, with its silver paint and silver-plated parts, had just succeeded in driving 15,000 miles, including making the journey from London to Glasgow 27 times, shattering the previous endurance record. Upon completion of the trip, the car was thoroughly inspected and found to need a total of £2.12 in repairs. The 40/50 model name refers to horsepower, and Silver Ghost, while originally referring to chassis number 13, is the name that stuck with this model. The Silver Ghost was the first Rolls-Royce to feature the mainstay Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament. Despite popular misconceptions, this ornament was never cast of silver, rather of nickel and bronze and, recently, stainless steel.

Specifications: Model 40/50; 40/50 horsepower, 7,428 cubic centimeter, straight six-cylinder engine. Wheelbase 144 inches.

Price new, $5,000 (chassis only).

Production from 1907-1926: 6,173 chassis.

Accession no. 1992G08

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