The story of the Woods Mobilette is one that could be taken straight from today's headlines: Inventor of Gasoline/Electric Vehicle Turns Attention to High Mileage Gasoline Cars.

Francis A. Woods of Chicago first made attempts at producing an electric car that could be converted to gasoline power in less than 10 minutes. Although it was never put into production, it is believed that he manufactured one such “Interurban”. After the failure of this venture, Woods turned his attention to producing a small, affordable vehicle that would, “Give gasoline a new value, a new worth, new distances, new mileages,” according to advertisements. The Woods Mobilette was introduced with tandem seating and an air-cooled engine in 1911. Production peaked in 1914, with an estimated 1,000 units per month rolling off the assembly line. In 1916 Woods introduced the Model 5, featuring staggered seating. Though this was a step in the right direction, providing improved comfort over the tandem seating, the Mobilette proved to be no competition for the inexpensive Ford Model T. By 1917 production of the Woods Mobilette had ceased.

Specifications: Model 5. 12 horsepower, 69 cubic inch, Sterling four-cylinder in-line engine. Wheelbase: 104 inches. Transmission: two-speed, MPG/MPH 35-40.

Price new: $380.

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