The S.E.5a (representation) was one of the most successful fighters of World War I. It was a fine gun platform with none of the bad traits of some contemporaries, i.e. vicious turning because of engine torque, or shedding of fabric or wings.

Many pilots who would not ordinarily have become aces did so on the S.E.5a because its stability let them concentrate on their targets.

Specifications: Span 26 ft. 7-3/8 in., length 20 ft. 11 in., takeoff weight 2048 lbs., engine 200 hp.
Hispano-Suiza-geared water-cooled V-8 (original); 150 hp Hispano-Suiza direct drive water-cooled V-8 (representation); maximum speed 132 mph. Armament: one Vickers .303 cal. machine gun on nose and one Lewis .303 cal machine gun on upper wing.

Accession no. 1992P01

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