The 1918 Standard J-1 (original) was the number two trainer in the U.S. Air Service during World War I. Basically a good airplane, it was hampered by a Hall-Scott A-7 engine that was unreliable and frequently caught fire in the air.

Because of this, many Standards were never removed from their shipping crates. After World War I, many Standards with Wright-Hispano engines were used by barnstormers.

Specifications: Span 44 ft., length 29 ft. 6 in., takeoff weight 2025 lbs., engine 100 hp.

Hall-Scott A-7a four-cylinder in-line water-cooled (original); 150 hp Hispano-Suiza direct drive water-cooled V-8 (replacement); cruise speed 68 mph.

Accession no. 1992G40

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