This early type of snowmobile is a far cry from the machines of the 1990s. But if in the 1920s you had to get about in snow country, this conversion of the versatile Model T Ford was a good choice.

It was invented in 1913 by Virgil D. White of Ossipee, New Hampshire, who suggested to a Wisconsin Ford dealer that selling the conversion with a car was a good way to sell both and make extra profit on the leftover parts!

Specifications: Model T Roadster/Pickup; engine four-cylinder, in-line, water-cooled; bore 3-3/4 in., stroke 4 in., displacement 176.7 cu. in., 20 hp.

Price new for Roadster/Pickup, $650 plus $395 for snowmobile conversion hardware.

Accession no. 1985G41

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