In 1901 George N. Pierce, maker of bicycles, bird cages and bathtubs, built the first Pierce motor vehicle--the Motorette--powered by a single-cylinder De Dion-Bouton engine.

By 1910 Pierce automobiles had made a mark on the automotive scene, winning five Glidden Reliability Tours. In 1907 the Pierce-Arrow trademark six-cylinder engine was introduced; it would endure until 1928, when Studebaker purchased the company.

The Series 80 was introduced in 1924 as a low-cost luxury car in an attempt to stimulate sagging sales. This tactic worked, and Pierce-Arrow sales almost tripled. This Series 80 has been in the same family since it was purchased new in Philadelphia in 1926. Prior to World War II, the car became the center of a family tradition, driving from Philadelphia to Maine every summer. After the war, the car was stored in the garage of the family home in Maine. Today, the car is still used for family picnics and weddings.

Specifications: 70 horsepower, 288 cubic inch, in-line, six-cylinder engine. Wheelbase: 130 inches.

Price new, $3,095.

Production from 1924-1927: 16,000 units.

On loan from the Dr. Arthur E. Spellissy Family

Accession no. 1977L07

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