John Domenjoz, former Bleriot test pilot, flight instructor and world-wide barnstormer, arrived at Old Orchard Beach, Maine in 1929 to test the possibility of sail power for aircraft.

The glider was assembled in the hangar of pioneer Maine aviator Harry M. Jones. Although the glider was reportedly able to achieve an altitude of 200’-300’ when towed by an automobile, the sails gave no propulsive power. Modern tests and analysis have proven that it would be aerodynamically impossible for this oddity to fly independently. We will probably never know if Domenjoz’s intent was pure carnival or serious. Domenjoz abandoned the glider in 1930; in 1974, it was rescued and donated to OHTM, and has been fully restored.

See also OHTM’s Standard J-1, painted in Harry M. Jones’ colors, and our 1909 Blériot Type XI Monoplane representation. The 1914 Blériot XI Domenjoz used for barnstorming is on display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Specifications: Span 41’, length 29’, weight 500-600 lbs.

Donated by Evelyn Lake and Donald Lake.

Accession no. 1984G04

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