With its exposed radial engine and open cockpits, the WACO (Weaver Airplane Company) UBF-2 is a great example of a Golden Age Biplane both in looks and charming flying characteristics.

In this three-place craft, the pilot sits in the back while two passengers sit in the front. The UBF-2 was marketed as a sporting plane, and called the Tourist. This high-performance craft combined shortfield and aerobatic capabilities with gentle handling to earn the status of the Cadillac sport plane of its era. In 1935 WACO was the largest producer of light planes in the U.S. By 1940 more than 110 models, chiefly two-seat aerobatic trainers and four-seat cabin planes, were available. Only a handful of UBF-2’s were built. As a floatplane, this Waco was used for spotting swordfish off Martha’s Vineyard. It was involved in a hurricane while it was on floats and heavily damaged before its 1951 restoration.

Specifications: Span 32’ 2”; length 24’ 10”. Engine: 220 horsepower, seven-cylinder, air-cooled Continental radial. Maximum speed 124 mph.

Accession no. 1975G08

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