The Cyclone series of engines began with the P-1 of 1652 cu. in. displacement in 1923-24. By 1932 the Series F Cyclone 9 produced 575 hp from 1820 cu. in.

The Cyclone 14/R-2600 is a direct development of the Cyclone 9 and had a final rating of 1525 hp at 2300 rpm., 1000 hp more than the firstof the series. The R-2600 powered the Boeing 314 Clipper, A-20 Havoc and others.

Specifications: Manufacturer’s designation Cyclone 14, military designation R-2600; 14-cylinder, air-cooled radial arranged in two rows of seven cylinders each; bore 6.1 in., stroke 6.3 in., displacement 2603 cu. in., weight 1950 lbs.

Accession no. 1992G50

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