When painted in Cub Yellow, the ubiquitous Cub was the airplane most commonly seen at airports in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s‚ truly the Model T of the air. This purple Cub was flown by the Flying Farmer, Robert Weymouth.

In his aerobatic act, imitating a terrified non-flyer, he would fly it facing forward, backward, and even while sitting on a strut outside the plane. He would stand the Cub on its wing tips, zoom into near vertical climbs, and turn so violently that he seemed to be flying sideways.

Specifications: Span 35’ 3”; length 22’ 3”; takeoff weight 1,100 lbs. Engine: 85 horsepower Continental air-cooled flat four; maximum speed 92 mph.

Accession no. 1992G74

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