This 28-cylinder engine, nicknamed corncob, was the largest production piston engine ever built. At first producing 3000 hp, it was improved to 3500 hp.

The 4360 was used in the Convair B-36, Boeing B-50 and C-97/Model 377 Stratocruiser and the 15 F2G-2 Corsairs. Modern piston-engined racers use the 4360 modified to produce 4500 hp.

Specifications: Manufacturer’s designation Wasp Major, military designation R-4360;
28-cylinder, air-cooled radial arranged in four rows of seven cylinders each;
bore 5.75 in., stroke 6.0 in., displacement 4363 cu. in., 3000 to 3500 hp at
2800 rpm., weight 3600 lbs.

Accession no. 1992G43

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