The WACO YMF-5 was first built by WACO (pronounced Wah’-ko) Aircraft in Troy, Ohio, from 1934 through 1935.

This model was the deluxe version of the “F” models that were produced by the company. Many of these airplanes were purchased by sportsmen, sportswomen and corporations. The original WACO was one of the most popular aircraft in the United States during the 1920s and 30s, accounting for more aircraft registrations than any other manufacturer during that time. These airplanes were larger than earlier models and had more polished finish. The airplane sold new for $6975 in 1935. Of the 18 original YMF-5s, only five are still registered. The company closed in 1947, but in 1984 WACO Classic Aircraft began to build new YMF-5s using the original designs. Many of these airplanes are used for sightseeing and other pleasure rides. This particular airplane was built in 2011 using 1935 specs but utilizing several modern improvements. These airplanes are still being produced with a price beginning at more than $400,000.

Specifications: Wing span 30’; Length 23’ 10”. Engine: 300 hp, seven-cylinder, air-cooled, Jacobs radial R755 A2M. Cruising speed 122 mph; Maximum speed 214 mph.

Donated by William Seale.

Accession no. 2016.001

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