Faster: The Quest for Speed

The unifying theme for this exhibition is the human drive for competition throughout history, at all stages of life and how that competition speeds progress in transportation, technology and society as a whole.

The Artist’s Passion for the Automobile

Featuring more than 20 original works by artist Melbourne Brindle who was best known for his beautiful paintings and advertorial work featuring some of the world’s favorite autos.

Women Who Dare: Pioneering Women of Transportation

What drives a pioneer? Chances are, answers will include concepts such as the desire to be the first; unbridled curiosity; and a thirst for adventure.

The Bentley Boys

The Bentley Boys were the diverse and often changing team of unpaid, and nearly all amateur drivers that in the 1920’s helped put Bentley in the forefront of European racing and solidified the marque’s reputation for combining high performance with ruggedness and reliability.

Coach Built

The era of custom automobile coachbuilding is one that grew from a logical foundation: that of the horse drawn carriage.