Kevin Bedford • Executive Director

Ask Me About: Board of Trustees

The son of an aircraft mechanic, Kevin’s formative years were punctuated by a curiosity for how things work and ways to make them work better, driven by a highly practical purpose. “In the Bedford family, when you wanted a new toy, you learned how to make it yourself.” After more than 15 years with the Museum, Kevin admits it would be hard to find a more ideal setting for his passion.

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Kathryn Pardo, MSc, MLIS • Operations Manager

Ask Me About: Donation Requests • Human Resources

Before joining the staff in 2014, Kathryn was trained in anthropology, working on archaeological digs for the National Park Service and in environmental conservation. After accidentally getting into the communications business for a few years, she is returning to her cultural roots at the Museum. Kathryn loves the history of the antique autos and airplanes, and can’t wait to learn more.

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Toby Stinson • NEAA Director & Events Coordinator

Ask Me About: New England Auto Auction™ • Events • Exhibitor & Vendor Inquiries

After 14 years as a teacher and coach, Toby returned to his native Midcoast to join the Museum in 2013. His passion for automobiles and history began in childhood, working alongside his father, who is an avid car collector. In addition to his professional experience in the industry, Toby brings a wealth of personal knowledge in the operation, evaluation, and management of specialty vehicles.

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Rob Verbsky, PhD • Curator

Ask Me About: Education Programs • Collections • Loans & Acquisitions

Rob brings a treasure trove of experience to the table, including a lifelong passion for aviation and an extensive background in children’s educational programming. After earning his Master’s in Public History, he went on to achieve a Doctorate in History from American University. With eye for accessibility, Rob is focused on developing exhibits that inform, surprise and inspire guests of all ages at OHTM!

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Warren Kincaid • Ground Vehicle Conservator

Ask Me About: Model T Training • Automotive Volunteer Crew

Growing up on a North Jersey farm, Warren was tinkering with old equipment even as a youngster. He was fascinated with model building, rusty objects and anything mechanical. After serving in the military and various jobs as a mechanic and quality control chemist, Warren developed an innate sense of “what works.” Before joining the staff, Warren volunteered at the Museum for more than 30 years.

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Karl Erickson • Aircraft Conservator

Ask Me About: Biplane Rides • Aviation Volunteer Crew

Karl was raised near the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, where he spent countless hours as a child, fueling his passion for aviation, sometimes even sleeping on the dirt-floor hangars. “I wouldn’t trade it for a million bucks.” Karl has logged nearly 2,000 hours in pre-WWI aircraft and is among only a handful of pilots who can fly pioneer planes, such as the old Curtiss pushers.

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Scott Shott • Chief Development Officer

Ask Me About: Fundraising • Planned Giving • Major Gifts

For the past two decades, Scott served as the Vice President of Development, Marketing and Community Relations at LincolnHealth, raising more than $35 million for health care services in Lincoln County. In his personal time, Scott enjoys a diverse group of hobbies, such as scuba diving, flying, sailing, skiing, gunsmithing.

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Kat Stuart • Creative Director

Kat’s diverse background has included specialized branding work as well as publication, web, graphic, trade show and exhibition design. Originally from the Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia areas, she came to Maine as an Art Director for Down East Enterprise before moving on to build her own creative services agency. Raised on a farm, Kat began driving at the age of 12 and has had a passion for transportation ever since.

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Sarah E. Dunne, MLIS • Archivist & Librarian

Ask Me About:Archives • Research Requests • Library Tours

Growing up, Sarah’s family made annual pilgrimages to Kitty Hawk and the Air & Space Museum. She got her first museum job at the age of 14. After lengthy detours to the financial industry, teaching, and nonprofit work, she was very happy to return to the museum world. After all, how many librarians get to drive a ‘32 Chevy or catalog Orville Wright’s canceled checks?

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Thomas Goodwin • Assistant Curator

Ask Me About: Video Collection • Strut & Axle

Tom found his passion for film production at the age of 10. He has crafted a library of original content that plays an integral role in how the Museum connects with more diverse audiences. Covering everything from events to education programs, Tom has a unique storytelling style that makes the collection and exhibits come alive.

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Gabriel Mosse, MLA • Director of Membership

Ask Me About: Sponsorships • Member Services • Accounts Payable

Driven by a lifelong love for museums and transportation, Gabe recalls collecting scale models for years before saving enough to afford his first real car – a bright red Ford Mustang. After earning a Master’s of Museum Studies from Harvard, he worked in member services with the Museum of Science in Boston. Out of the office, Gabe can be found hiking, cooking, or planning his next road trip.

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Alison Weaver • Volunteer & Administrative Coordinator

Ask Me About: Volunteering • Facility Rentals

After years of serving nonprofits in her own community, Alison came onboard primarily to lead the Museum’s volunteer program and support the hundreds of individuals who donate their time throughout the year. With a background working in social services, she excels at bringing team members together to quickly troubleshoot issues as they arise.

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Alex Campbell • Visitor Services & Store Manager

Ask Me About: Groups Visits • Tours • Museum Store

Born with Sugarloaf in his backyard, Alex grew up skiing and enjoying the outdoors. His strong family values helped him develop a strong work ethic. With a passion for history and business, Alex brings a unique style and wealth of experience to the Museum’s guest services. In his free time, he loves spending time with his wife and playing golf.

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Sophie D. Gabrion, MS • Communications Manager

Ask Me About: Public Relations & Media Inquires • Advertising • Website • Social Media

Following her master’s program at UMass Boston, Sophie acquired a diverse resume, primarily focused on digital marketing. With a habit of thinking outside the box, her professional motivation is fueled by new ideas to promote old favorites. Sophie loves long walks on the beach, cringe-worthy puns, and playing her ukulele.

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Mark Kunz • Maintenance Manager

​Coming soon!

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Bret Gould • Grounds & Building Assistant

With a vivid imagination and construction background, Bret plays a key role in event preparations and exhibit fabrications. He is responsible for some of the Museum’s one-of-a-kind structures, like the 1923 Cretors Popcorn Wagon display and the sky-high wall that sets the stage for NEAA™. Outside of work, Bret’s just as busy, experimenting with projects of his own design and spending time with his family.

Jerry Willey • Maintenance Assistant

​Coming soon!