Meet Our Staff

Kevin Bedford • Executive Director

The son of an aircraft mechanic, Kevin spent his formative years destroying and reassembling mechanical devices, driven by a highly practical purpose. “In the Bedford family, when you wanted a new toy, you learned how to make it yourself.” It was this attitude that spawned a lifelong curiosity to understand how things work and discover ways to make them work better. As a 15-year veteran staff member, Kevin admits it would be hard to imagine a more appropriate setting for his passion than OHTM. An avid cyclist and animal lover, Kevin resides in Camden with his wife, Joyce.

Toby Stinson • Special Event & Auction Coordinator

Toby’s love of anything involving transportation, history and museums began as a young boy at OHTM. He worked for 14 years as a history teacher and coach prior to returning to his native Midcoast to join the Museum staff in 2013. Toby’s innate love of transportation is a familial passion, and since childhood he has worked alongside his father, who is an avid car collector. Toby owns and has built his own Model T and recently restored an antique farm truck. His passion for transportation is complemented by a vast and diverse experience in the transportation industry.

Kat Stuart • Creative Director

Kat has had a diverse career in design. Her background includes specialized branding as well as publication, web, graphic, trade show and exhibition design. She worked at various advertising agencies in Philadelphia and Boulder before moving to Maine in 1993, where she worked as an art director at Down East Enterprise and later owned her own creative services agency. Growing up on a farm, she began driving at the age of 12 and has maintained a passion for transportation ever since. She joined the OHTM team in March 2013.

Bob Bailey • Aircraft Conservator

Bob Bailey has been an aviation enthusiast since he was a young boy. He has lead a diverse career in various facets of the aviation industry and lends his many skills to the aviation program at the Museum. Bob enjoys flying his beautiful Bucker Jungmann biplane in his spare time. He joined the staff in May 2014.

Warren Kincaid • Ground Vehicle Conservator

Being born and raised on a North Jersey farm placed Warren in an environment in which he could tinker with old equipment as a youngster. Ever since he can remember, Warren was fascinated with all things mechanical, model building and finding rusty objects. After serving a term in the military in steam propulsion, and then holding various jobs as a mechanic and as a quality control chemist, Warren has an innate sense of “what works.” Prior to employment at the Museum Warren was involved with early auto restoration as a private business and was a Museum volunteer for more than 30 years.

Niki Dabrio Janczura • Executive Manager of Operations & Volunteer Resources

Niki’s museum background in event planning/management and volunteer leadership makes her the perfect fit to meet the diverse demands of managing the Museum’s operations. With a love for all things vintage, Niki finds inspiration in being surrounded by nostalgic Americana.

Valerie Velho • Membership & Database Manager

After graduating from Maine Maritime Academy with a degree in International Business and Logistics, Valerie worked as a retail store manager for several years before joining the Museum staff in 2013. She remembers journeying to the Museum with her family in their Model T when she was a young girl.

Sarah E. Dunne, MLIS • Archivist & Librarian

Sarah grew up on both coasts, in a family that made annual pilgrimages to Kitty Hawk and the Air & Space Museum; her first word was “airplane”. She got her first museum job at the age of 14. After lengthy detours into the corporate world, teaching, and non-profit work, she is very happy to be back in the museum world - and how many librarians get to drive ‘32 Chevys, or catalog Orville Wright’s canceled checks?

Kathryn Pardo • Auction & Development Associate

Trained in anthropology, Kathryn has worked on archaeological digs, with Native American tribes, for the National Park Service, and in environmental conservation. After accidentally getting into the communications business for a few years, Kathryn is returning to her cultural resources roots at the museum. She loves the history of the antique autos and airplanes and can’t wait to learn more. She joined the staff in November 2014.

Sophie Gabrion • Public Relations & Marketing Manager

Born and raised in Maine, Sophie’s background is geared toward digital communications, marketing and grant development. She holds a BA in History from Regis College and a MS in Nonprofit Management & Human Services from UMass Boston. Her hobbies include long walks on the beach and renovating the home that she shares with her boyfriend and their two pint-sized puppies.

Scott Owens • Plant & Grounds Manager

A veteran employee of the Museum, Scott has handled all aspects of grounds management, planning and indoor and outdoor maintenance for nearly two decades. In addition to his integral role at the Museum, Scott is an avid gardener and bird hunter.

Philip Watson • Utilities • Maintenance • Grounds

Philip joined the staff in early 2012, having previously been employed by the Museum. Philip previously spent 25 years employed in the abatement and remediation industry and now assists with all aspects of grounds and facility maintenance.

Thomas Goodwin • Filmmaker & Educator

Thomas Goodwin joined our crew in June of 2014 as our in-house videographer. He has created unique content covering anything from our events to educational videos that compliment our collection. Bringing to us his background in filmmaking as a storytelling device, Tom’s talent for well-rounded stories is being utilized in our interpretations, challenging the focus of exhibits to be grounded in human experience, working towards a cohesive and accessible environment for learning, drawing connections between past and present, and playing an integral role in utilizing new techniques to fully engage broader, more diverse audiences.

Ellen Koches • Visitor Services & Store Manager

Ellen’s diverse background includes Museum Educator at the Maine State Museum and Head of Visitor Services at the Farnsworth Art Museum. Ellen has a passion for vintage motorcycles - especially for her 1976 BMW R/75, which she has been riding for more than 30 years. Ellen’s professional museum experience together with her love of old bikes smoothly shifted her onto the OHTM team in 2016.

Aedan Jordan • Technical Services & Infrastructure Manager

Aedan has worked in the museum industry as a Facilities Manager and Exhibit Preparator since 2006. Aedan loves how influential museums and cultural institutions can be to their visitors. When traveling with his family, he insists on visiting museums of any kind. Initially joining the Museum as a volunteer in 2015, Aedan is excited about the role OHTM has in the industry and the local community. “With their collection of functional vehicles and aircraft, educational programing and the amazing schedule of public events, Owls Head Transportation Museum is one of the most active cultural institutions in the region.”


James S. Rockefeller, Jr.

Steve Lang

Thomas J. Watson, Jr. (1914-1993)


Duncan W. Brown, Chairman

Thomas H. Rudder, Vice Chairman

Gary C. Dunton, Treasurer


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Charles Chiarchiaro, Director Emeritus