The Great War

When the Great War broke out in July of 1914, the entire world expected for it to end within a matter of months.

Over the course of the next four long years, technological innovation accelerated in order to achieve victory over one’s opponents, and this was true of every country involved. The swiftness of this innovation surpassed battlefield tactics so fast that by 1918 it was unclear how the war would ever end. The questions of why the war was being fought, and how it could be stopped, had been obliterated by the inventions of new methods of warfare. The battlefield was no longer just on one axis. It was in the air, in the sea, and underground. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians lost their lives to these technologies until the surrender of the Central Powers on November 11th, 1918.

Through innovative interpretations, obscure objects, and memorialized machines, the Great War exhibition will transport visitors on a dynamic journey to understand the mechanization of warfare from 1914-1918 and find an accessible glimpse into one of the events that defined the 20th century and shaped our lives today.