Shifting History Web Series

After a year-long production effort, the Owls Head Transportation Museum has announced the release of its first-ever web series, Shifting History, set to premiere on June 30.

Written and directed by Assistant Curator Thomas Goodwin, this 9-episode mockumentary follows one millennial’s quest to care about America’s most influential car — the Ford Model T. With a film production degree from Emerson College, Goodwin has accelerated the OHTM’s video archive since he was hired in 2014, prioritizing projects that expand access to the museum’s world-class collection of operational ground vehicles and aircraft.

About the Series

During 19 production years, more than 15 million Model Ts were built, with retail prices as low as $300. But now, almost a century later, who cares?

At OHTM, the staff started wondering: with state-of-art technology on the market, who would want a hand crank engine, a leaky radiator, and a seriously limited color palette? Shifting History follows a cast of museum caricatures as they help Assistant Curator Tom through his journey across generations to look for the answers no one else is asking for anymore, on his ill-advised trip into the past, from the present.

How to Watch

Starting June 30, each of the series’ nine episodes will be digitally released on Tuesdays at 2 PM with free access through OHTM’s YouTube channel. The museum will also deliver same-day Facebook livestreams at 11:30 AM with a new special guest each week to help get followers in the Model T mood.

To be first “in line” for this and other video releases, subscribe to the museum’s YouTube channel.

For more information about the museum, follow OHTM on Facebook page and visit their website.