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Achieving the museum’s mission would not be possible without the support of hundreds of businesses and organizations through corporate sponsorship and strategic partnerships.

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American Workspace

We carry the absolute finest American-made products available for home workshops or garages, race shops and trailers, research, development, and manufacturing facilities. We offer design services as well as installation help, or if you desire we will install our products for you too.

Contractors / Suppliers

Breakwater Design & Build, Inc.

Ready to settle down in Rockland or Coastal, ME, but not in love with the cookie cutter homes you’ve seen? No problem! Team up with Breakwater Design & Build Inc. to construct the home of your dreams. We’ve worked in the industry for 17 years and specialize in providing everything you need for a new home build from the ground up. • (207) 230-0919
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Cushing Diesel

At Cushing Diesel we have the expertise, equipment and stock to make U-bolts and hydraulic hoses. We can make them for you, too. We resurface fly wheels and machine spindles for king pins. Call or stop in with your old, and you can leave with new. • (207) 354-0600
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Direct Display Publishing

Direct Display Publishing's mission is to provide high quality custom directories and specialty advertising products, offering local businesses a low cost marketing vehicle to reach a specific target market. • (207) 443-4800
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Lyman Morse Boatbuilding

Lyman-Morse’s broad-ranging capabilities are showcased not only by the skilled people who work here, but also by our modern and expansive facilities. The combination of our state-of-the-art facility with some of the world’s finest craftsmen has allowed us to develop many areas of expertise in both the marine and non-marine world. • (207) 354-6904