​OHTM Volunteer Program

Volunteers make Owls Head Transportation Museum what it is: engaging, informative, surprising and all together great! We would love to have your energy to add to the mix. Whether your passion is vintage cars, giving tours, working in our archives, handling admissions, flying planes or heading to the schools for educational outreach: the possibilities are endless for your involvement making our Museum even richer.

To join the hundreds of dedicated volunteers that support our mission year round, click below to use our online application form or contact Alison Weaver, Volunteer & Administrative Coordinator by email at aw@ohtm.org or by phone at (207) 594-4418.

Program History

It became apparent from day one that volunteers were not only the backbone of the Museum, but also a collective resource of experience, skills, vision and commitment. From retired clam diggers to the vice chairman of a Fortune 500 Company, they have worked side by side to deliver the Museum’s mission. They have built aircraft, educated, maintained, conserved, dug ditches, swept floors, and supported all events, programs and services.

Volunteers are attracted in many ways—by word of mouth, interest in our collections, the occasional media appeal, and through collaboration with our medical community. The place provides a sense of gravity, connection, and above all the ability to witness measurable results from participation. It provides skill-building, purpose and camaraderie. The volunteers are one of the Museum’s greatest resources, second only to the collection. They are the hands on the stick, throttle and wheel. They do research in the archives, offer tours of our exhibits, check in guests at admissions, work in the 100-acre nature park, and so much more.

With a program of over 200 strong, the Museum’s volunteers are a critical part of our culture, communities, and ability to ignite imaginations of all ages!

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